Amazon Served Over 300 Million Customers Worldwide

Amazon the e-commerce giant has reached over 300 million customers worldwide with active accounts and is present in 13 countries. These products will be sold primarily in the United States and Mexico. The national fashion system hopes to increase its sales with the arrival worldwide in top growing economies around the world and also in four Colombian companies, Agua Bendita, Color Siete, Entreaguas and Forma Body.

“One of the main objectives of Procolombia is that Colombian companies take advantage of e-commerce as a sales channel to export their products. The experience of these companies shows us the great value of this tool that reduces intermediaries in different chains and offers the opportunity to reach final consumers globally, ”said Flavia Santoro, president of the entity through a statement.

Among the products that are already being marketed, thanks to the ‘Colombia one-click’ program, are swimwear, beachwear, men’s clothing and control clothing ‘made in Colombia’. Regarding the alliance, Amazon mentioned that “we have been very impressed with what we have been able to establish. Not only in our efforts to allow Colombian companies to sell on Amazon, but we also seek to innovate for all our Colombian customers, including consumers and associates. ”

Rocío Vega, general manager of Body, indicated that in the short term his sales expectations are the US $ 5,000 and, in the long term, about US $ 50,000. “Being on Amazon is a very good alternative for companies where returns are a very small percentage.”

The Color Seven brand said that the first conversation with Amazon to gain entry to the online platform was in a macro test in Bogotá. “We had our first approach with the people of Amazon and for calling them somehow the ‘recruiters’ who were looking for key accounts that could meet Amazon’s needs in the United States.

So after several conversations, it is already a reality that Color Seven is on Amazon and now we are going to conquer the United States market, “said David Spaggiari, the company’s commercial manager. In addition, the goal of the brand is to be able to sell the US $ 10,000 per day on that portal.

For his part, Andres Gomez, marketplace developer of Agua Bendita, said that the company’s expectation is “to achieve sales in the short term of US $ 200,000 and strengthen the channel day after day to make it one of the strongest in the company”.

In addition, besides being available on Amazon, it hopes to sell in other markets later. “Our goal is to position the brand globally and reach consumers directly in different parts of the world. Being always profitable, by communicating and maintaining what is the essence of the brand,” said David Mejía.

A recent study by Sinnetic, a firm specializing in market research, says that a key factor in improving digital competitiveness in the country is electronic commerce. If Colombia bets on boosting digital commerce, competitiveness and digital innovation would grow 4.5%. Between 2019 and 2021, global e-commerce turnover is expected to go from the US $ 3 billion to the US $ 5 billion, according to Statistics.

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