A Google Search Consumes As Much As 11 Watt CFL, Internet Hotspot Threatens India

The Internet is an integral part of the current lifestyle. In today’s time, life cannot be imagined without smart phones and social media etc. Recently, when protests were held across the country in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Internet was shut down in some cities of the country to establish peace, during which the citizens of the country also realized this. In the field of science and research, we have always been hearing that invention serves both development and destruction. What will happen if the means of happiness in life becomes the cause of destruction? This is the biggest concern of the present time, to which we are not serious yet.

For many, this will come as a surprise, but internet usage is a major cause of carbon emissions. Users are unaware that the increasing excessive dependence on the Internet can also prove to be the reason for their destruction.  A professor at Harvard University has claimed in his study that the amount of carbon dioxide produced in boiling a cup of tea is almost as much as twice searching on Google. Many scientists have justified this fact. Boiling a cup of tea produces about 15 grams of carbon dioxide, so how much carbon dioxide is emitted from surfing once? If we assess our own behavior, then we will find how often we search the Internet to find the smallest things every day. The situation is that Google also had to clarify about this.

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